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Konjac Sponge Soap Bundle

Konjac Sponge Soap Bundle

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Start your journey toward zero waste with our new skincare set, complete with our must-have Konjac Facial and Body Sponges and our 3 in 1 Soap Bar. It's the perfect eco friendly gift and the ultimate kit to take care of all your cleansing and shaving needs!

 Cleansing while balancing the skin's pH levels

The konjac sponge is 100% naturally made from the Asian Konjac plant. Works to gently exfoliate your skin, shedding away dead skin cells, giving your skin a smooth, glowy complexion. 

Made with olive oil and shea butter and handcrafted and tested locally, the 3-in-1 soap bar creates smooth and silky foams that gently moisturizes and strengthens the skin. 


  • Konjac Body Sponge
  • Konjac Facial Sponge 
  • 3-in-1 Soap Bar 


  • eco-friendly: made from 100% konjac plant and 100% biodegradable
  • travel-friendly: made small enough to be travel-friendly. it is light and portable; ready to bring with you on any trip
  • skin food: packed with minerals & antioxidants and extremely soft & gentle for your skin
  • sustainably handmade: free of palm oil
  • rebalancing and moisturizing: pH optimized
  • fragrance-free: non-irritating on the skin


  • Shea Butter (butyrospermum parkii) - moisturizes and produces a long-lasting hard soap
  • Olive Oil (olea europaea fruit oil) -  moisturizes and gives a gentle and creamy lather suitable for all skin types
  • Water (aqua)
  • Lye* (sodium hydroxide) - an alkali that chemically reacts when in contact with oils, to changes both substances into soap

note: *lye, is a must in soap making and is eliminated in the saponification process


  1. rinse sponge under warm water to soften
  2. apply soap
  3. rub gently on face and/or body
  4. place soap bar on top of a soap dish to keep it dry

Care Tips

  • clean konjac sponge with warm soapy water after each use

Allergies & Cautions

  • not for consumption
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