Our Partners

We are happy to collaborate with some great partners, who share our values and our mission to create a sustainable future. If you want to discuss partnership opportunities, we are happy to receive your message via info@shop-without-plastic.com or our contact form.

  • Plastic Pollution Coalition

    Today, as the first and most established organization focused solely on plastic pollution, Plastic
    Pollution Coalition provides a broad tent for organizations, businesses, and individuals to join together, change business as usual, and support policy and legislation to stop plastic pollution. We could not agree more with this purpose and are glad to do our small part.

  • Live Green Toronto

    Livegreenperks is an award-winning program by the City of Toronto that was started to engage residents and businesses in greening the city and protecting our environment. Livegreenperks is a related program that encourages sustainable choices for consumers.

  • Impactful Ninja

    Impactful Ninja

    Impactful Ninja is an educational platform with the aim to help you and their visitors to make a bigger positive impact on the world & society in their daily lives. They share hundreds of resources via their highly-researched articles, their engaging 5-minute email newsletter, as well as their video podcast where they feature the story and journey of founders of impactful organizations.


    I’M PLASTIC FREE, created by Simona Paganetto in 2018, connects people and businesses to combat plastic pollution with eco-friendly solutions, sparked by her 2014 beach clean-up experiences.

  • Bluedot Living

    Bluedot Living is a sustainable living magazine and resource for climate news, earth-friendly product recommendations, and simple actions people can take to make Earth a better place. Check out the great local editions across the U.S. and Canada.

  • The Eco Hub

    If you’re looking for smart ideas for healthy, green living that fit into an already full life, The Eco Hub is the right place for you. The founder Candice has more than 30 years’ experience in sustainable living and shares valuable tips and tricks empowering you to make simple, mindful choices for yourself and the planet.

  • Happy Eco News

    Happy Eco News was founded in January of 2018 to help find some positivity in the vast sea of negative environmental news.. They are posting to the site a minimum of 5 times every day and every Monday the newsletter provides a top 5 list of the best stories.

  • Let's Go Zero Waste

    With the waste issues our society is facing today, it’s time to make some changes to our lifestyles. However, when starting to live zero waste it can be difficult to find local options. So, they are here to help you find low-waste-friendly places nearby & online, including a helpful sustainability blog

  • Of Houses And Trees

    Of Houses And Trees

    Of Houses and Trees is a blog about sustainable design, sustainable living - sustainable everything. It began in 2012 as an online outlet for writer, dancer and treehugger Larissa Swayze and has grown over the past decade into a place meant to inspire others to green their homes and their lives - one small change and a time.

  • A Sustainably Simple Life

    A Sustainably Simple Life

    This eco blog was created by Krista and Alison, who became friends over 10 years ago and soon came to see how their lifestyles and values mirrored each other in many ways. While their lifes differ with respects to family, housing, and work, both of their core beliefs (and content) focus on sustainability, simplicity, and being budget conscious.

  • Wylderr

    Wylderr offers a free local guide to living a more sustainable life in Toronto. They have a newsletter that is delivered every Thursday.

  • Boomer Eco Cruisader Logo

    Boomer Eco Cruisader

    On this Blog, boomer Michelle shares her deep experience in eco-friendly and clutter-free living to get the most out of your life. Also, don't miss out on the life hacks she shares for your everyday challenges.