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Happy Holidays Tree Gift Pack, We Plant 30 Trees

Happy Holidays Tree Gift Pack, We Plant 30 Trees

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Grow your own trees at home and we’ll plant 30 trees for you in a developing country. You Plant We Plant.

  • You will help ensure our survival on Mother Earth as 30 trees will absorb 30 tons of CO2, create 120 tons of O2, reforest land and create food and jobs for people.
  • There’s a unique code on each tree kit that you can use to name your tree online, add photos and messages. We’ll plant 1 more tree when you name your tree.
  • Tree kits are biodegradable and contain everything you need to grow your own trees.
  • It’s a complete tree growing kit with tree seeds and instructions on how to plant it.
  • The tree sprouts in just 2-6 weeks. They can be kept growing in a plant pot for as long as you like. Or you can plant them in a garden.
  • We select the best tree seeds for your area. We only send trees that are easy to grow in our tree kits and that are good for you to grow at home.
  • Examples of tree species include Crape Myrtle, White Spruce, Thornless Honeylocust, Sourwood, Blue Spruce, Western Redbud, Redwood, Western Red Cedar.
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