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Double Edge Safety Razor Shaving Kit - Metallic Black

Double Edge Safety Razor Shaving Kit - Metallic Black

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Eco-friendly shaving couldn’t be easier with our zero-waste shaving gift set! Our shaving kit includes our Double Edge Safety Razor, 5 FREE razor blade replacements, and is paired with plastic-free matching holders. Our Double Edge Safety Razors are the perfect alternative to flimsy disposable razors, designed for an eco-friendly, clean, and perfectly smooth shave. Save money while reducing plastic with our reusable razors and holders!

We recommend using an all natural soap bar to get the most of your razor.


    • metallic black safety razor (11 x 5cm/4.3 x 9.1in)
    • matching razor holder
    • a recyclable box
    • 5 free blades


        • cost-effective and rust-free: save money by only replacing the double edge blades, with the handle lasting a lifetime.
        • environmentally friendly: plastic-free and zero waste. no need to buy a single-use disposable razor ever again! PLUS when you're finished with the blade, it's 100% recyclable
        • superior, ultra-gentle shave:  provides the closest cut to your skin, removing all hairs, without a single irritation for silky smooth skin. It also prevents ingrown hairs and the shaving rash
        • travel friendly: Whether you're going on the road, having a sleepover, or going on a vacay, our zero waste safety razor can go with you wherever you go


        Step 1: Exfoliate beforehand

        • to accomplish the clean smooth shave, smooth the skin by exfoliating the desired area

        Step 2: Condition with cream/oil/soap

        • apply and lather your skin with your usual shaving gel, cream or soap

        Step 3: Shave wet and warm

        • for best practices, wait until the end of a hot shower or bath to shave, whenever possible.
        • shave in the direction of your hairs (ex. if your hairs are facing down, shave using downward strokes)
        • hold the handle at a 30-45 degree angle and gently glide the razor over the desired area, against the direction of the hair growth

        Step 4: Clean off & Store

        • pat dry and avoid rubbing; this could create friction and irritation to the skin
        • rinse and dry your razor and razor blade
        • place your razor into the holder to keep it upright, dry, and away from contaminated surfaces
        • moisturize the shaved area with your usual cream

        *switch a blade every 5-8 uses and store safety razor in holder after every use. life span will vary based on the frequency of use, storage conditions, handling, etc*

        Care Tips 

        1. clean your razor after every use with warm water then dry it off with a cloth

        2. store it in your razor holder to keep away from moisture and contact with other surfaces

        3. avoid leaving it in the shower or tub


        • once your blade becomes dull, you can recycle them
        • pharmacies and local drug stores will often provide sharps containers upon request for the used blades. or you can bring used blades to your local scrap metal recycling for safe disposal


        • use short strokes when using and do not apply pressure
        • if you notice any dragging, it's time to swap out for a fresh new blade

        How is it Safe?

        1. With a safety razor, the hair is cut once at skin level instead of below skin level like a cartridges blades.
        2. The head of the blade is bent so that when the blade is positioned at the right angle, it maximizes the efficiency of the shave and minimizes the number of cuts.
        3. Unlike multi-blade razors, safety razors use a single double-edge blade that doesn't tug and pull to create skin irritation.
        4. You can unscrew the head and flip the blade to avoid cutting yourself or others.
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