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Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set 8-Pack - Wooden Cooking Utensils for

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set 8-Pack - Wooden Cooking Utensils for

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About this item:

  • Bamboo kitchen utensils set includes: wooden spatula for cooking, single hole mixing spoon, forked spoon, slotted spoon, slotted spatula, wooden cooking spoon, large kitchen tongs, kitchen utensil holder.
  • Our wooden spoons for cooking are made of strong, durable bamboo, which is highly renewable and sustainable. They are BPA-free, plastic & metal-free.
  • This 8-piece wooden kitchen set has all you need for cooking, baking, tossing, stirring, serving, or transferring food. It includes wide tongs that grab everything from small to large foods.
  • Our wooden utensils for cooking are easy to clean with warm soapy water. Each wooden spoon is 11.8" long. These are perfect wooden cooking utensils for nonstick cookware as they won't scratch or damage it.
  • This bamboo cooking utensils set is a great gift idea for any occasion: Anniversary, Thanksgiving, bridal shower, wedding registry, Christmas, or housewarming gift for a new home (perfect kitchen essentials).


Premium Wood Kitchen Utensils Set with Holder

This 8-piece wooden cooking utensils set is perfect for many kitchen tasks such as baking, stirring, cooking, or serving. We've created these kitchen tools based on the daily needs we have in our own professional kitchen. It is a complete wooden kitchen utensil set.

And they are not just useful kitchen accessories. With a natural look and feel, these look perfect on any table. Strong, durable, and with a smooth finish, they will not warp, split or crack.

These kitchen essentials come with a bamboo utensil holder, so you don't have to keep them scattered all over.

Our kitchen spatula set makes the ultimate gift for the foodie in your life.


Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set includes:

1 x turner/wooden spatula for cooking
1 x single-hole mixing spoon
1 x slotted spoon
1 x slotted spatula
1 x bamboo spoon for cooking
1 x rounded fork
1 x bamboo cooking tongs
1 x cooking utensil holder



  • Perfect for nonstick cookware
  • Built-in hanging hole for convenient storage
  • Kitchen utensil holder included
  • Lightweight & easy to grip
  • Heat-resistant
  • Sustainable
  • Strong & durable
  • Wide kitchen tongs to grab any food


Natural Wooden Spoons for Cooking

Our bamboo kitchen utensils are all-natural, sustainable, BPA-free, plastic-free and metal-free! We all know the harm done by plastic which is very difficult to recycle and never fully decomposes. So why use it if we have green alternatives available?!


Wide-Head Tongs

Unlike those narrow tongs that you can only use for salads, ours have a wide end that can grab everything from small foods such as garlic cloves to large foods like big chunks of steak.


Premium Organic Cooking Set - Wooden Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware

We care about your kitchenware!

Our wooden utensils set is perfect for nonstick cookware as it won't scratch or damage your pots and pans, thus extending their useful life.


Heat Resistant Spatulas for Cooking

Wooden cooking spoons are more heat-resistant than tools made of other materials, such as stainless steel or plastic.



Our wooden kitchen utensils set is made of sustainable bamboo, which is one of the most renewable resources in the world. This was harvested at full maturity, from sustainable crops, and away from pandas' habitats.



Our wood utensils set are not just for cooking. They are great for many kitchen tasks such as serving, transferring, baking, stirring, or even measuring spaghetti.


Easy to Store

Our bamboo utensils have built-in hanging holes for easy & convenient storage. You can hang them separately or tie them with a string and hang them all together to save space.

Alternatively, you can store them inside the included kitchen utensil holder.


Perfect Gift Idea

This is a great gift set for men, women, wife, daughter, friends or family. And it's perfect for any occasion, such as an Anniversary, Birthday, Thanksgiving, wedding registry, bridal shower, or Christmas holiday gifts.

They are also great as kitchen essentials for a new home, making them a perfect housewarming gift idea.


Care Guide

Bamboo spoons are Not Dishwasher Safe. Wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.

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