How to Use Safety Razors: Your Guide to Zero Waste Shaving (2024)

How to Use Safety Razors: Your Guide to Zero Waste Shaving (2024)

Did you know that billions of disposable razors end up in landfills each year, adding tons of plastic waste to our environment? If you're looking for a way to shave smoothly while reducing your environmental impact, then welcome to the wonderful world of zero-waste shaving!

This guide equips you with everything you need to know about achieving a clean shave while minimizing your environmental impact. Let's explore some fantastic options to incorporate into your zero-waste routine.

The Enduring Legacy of the Safety Razor

Safety razors are the cornerstone of zero-waste shaving. Unlike disposable razors with flimsy plastic handles and wasteful cartridges, safety razors are durable and use replaceable blades, significantly reducing landfill plastic.

SWOP offers a variety of safety razors, from classic styles that evoke a sense of barbershop nostalgia to modern designs that prioritize ergonomics. No matter your preference, you're sure to find the perfect tool for a comfortable and close shave.

The Allure of Sustainability

The benefits of switching to a safety razor go beyond a close shave. Here's why it's a win-win for both you and the environment:

  • Championing Sustainability: Safety razors significantly reduce plastic waste compared to disposables. Each replaceable blade lasts significantly longer than a disposable cartridge, minimizing your environmental footprint.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: While the initial investment in a safety razor might be slightly higher, the cost of replaceable blades is much lower than constantly buying new disposable razors. In the long run, you'll save money while reducing waste.
  • The Art of the Shave: Many users find safety razors provide a closer, smoother shave than disposables. The single-blade design encourages a slower, more controlled shaving technique that minimizes irritation and provides a more satisfying shaving experience.

How to Buy the Right Safety Razor

    Safety razors are more economical and environmentally friendly. They also provide a closer shave and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and shaving rashes. This safety razor is made of metal and comes with five free blades.

       If you are looking to buy a safety razor, look for these quality criteria:

      • Made from stainless steel: You want to buy a safety razor that lasts you years, if not a lifetime. Stainless steel will be the material of choice for the best and
      • Good grip: You want your safety razor to have a roughened handle for good grip. This ensures safety and prevents slipping
      • Razor stand: Ideally, look for a razor stand to keep your safety razor when you don't use it. this ensures the blade can dry quicker and you reduce the risk for a rusting blade.

      Check out the safety razors offered on SWOP, which fulfill all of these buying criteria and are available in beautiful colors.

      safety razors


      How to Assemble Safety Razors

      Before starting your shave, you need to get your safety razor ready. Luckily, this is done in a few simple steps. You need to differentiate between two-piece and three-piece handles. At SWOP all of our safety razors are three-piece handles.

      Attaching or switching your razor blade the first time is easy, if you follow these steps:

        1. Carefully twist the handle: The handle connects the top and bottom. If you untwist the handle, you will see that the top comes off. Be careful to ensure you do not touch the sharp blade. While not necessary, you can use a towel if you want to be extra cautious.
        2. Separate the top cap and the base plate: three-piece razors have a top cap and a base plate that keep the blade secure and steady. Carefully separate the two plates to remove the blade in between.
        3. Insert a new blade: Remove a new blade from the packaging. Be very careful, as razor blades are extremely sharp. Place the new blade onto the razor. Align it properly with the posts or the slots on the razor head.
        4. Screw together handle and head: Place the base cap onto the blade and screw together the top and the handle to secure the blade. Again, be cautious handling the blade, as it is sharp. make sure the handle and head are securely fastened. Again, you can use a towel to protect your hands if needed.
        5. Check blade alignment: quickly check if the blade shows evenly on both sides of the razor head. this ensures you have an even shave. If it is not aligned, you can slightly unscrew the razor and adjust.

        Congratulations! You are now ready for the smoothest shave!

        How to Use Safety Razors

        Safety razors give you a smooth and comfortable shave. They cut the hair directly at its root, which gives you the cleanest possible shave and avoids irritated skin.

        If you ensure the following safety razor guidelines, you will never want to go back.

          1. Prepare your skin:

          Apply a shaving cream or soap to prepare your skin for the shave. Use warm water, to open the pores and relax your skin.

          soap and shave brush

          This 3-in-1 sensitive soap has shea butter for extra care and is perfect for shaving. You can use a shave brush for the extra lather.

          2. Find the right angle:

          Safety razor top

          Safety razors have a safety mechanism that prevents direct contact of the blade to your skin. As you can see in above picture, the base plate protrudes the top plate and the top plate is rounded.

          This safety mechanism ensures that the blade is only exposed partially and at a certain angle. Hence, you need to hold the razor at a ~30° angle to get the best cut.

          You will quickly get used to the angle and see that it comes naturally, as you test out your new safety razor.

          3. Use short and gentle strokes:

          Some of us are used to using cheap plastic razors, which need strong strokes to work. The good news is, this is over with a safety razor.

          Use only soft and short strokes and you will see that the sharp blade makes shaving a breeze.

          You should feel like the weight of the razor does most of the work for you. You should not use any hard pressure.

          Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid shavign rash.

          4. Make use of the double blade:

          The great thing about safety razors is that they have a double blade.

          That means as soon as you realize that the blade is clogging up, you can simply turn to the other side of the blade and continue shaving.

          Only once both sides are clogged with hair, give the blade a good rinse and continue as usual.

          5.Sooth your skin:

          body lotion and after shave

          Once your shave is completed, apply Aftershave Rub or Aftershave Serum to sooth your facial skin.

          For other body parts, a natural gentle body lotion or lotion bar can do the trick.

          The combination of soft shave and natural skin care will make you feel like a new person.


          SWOP - Your Gateway to a Sustainable Shave

          We offer all you need for a luxurious shave with your new safety razor.

          • Safety razors offer a sustainable alternative to disposable razors. They use replaceable blades, reducing plastic waste. Consumers now have access to a wider variety of plastic-free shaving products for a complete eco-friendly shaving routine.
          • Natural Shaving Soaps and Face Care: Ditch the plastic containers and indulge in luxurious shaving soaps that provide a rich lather and a delightful shaving experience. These plastic-free options come in a variety of scents and formulas to cater to your skin type and shaving preferences.
          • Natural body lotions and body soaps to prepare your skin for the perfect shave. All products offered on SWOP have natural ingredients only and are extra gentle to your skin.
          • Exfoliation and Preparation with Shaving Brushes: Enhance your shave with a natural bristle shaving brush. These brushes help exfoliate your skin, preparing it for a close shave while lifting hairs for a smoother cut. Choose from a variety of materials, including sustainable bamboo, to find the perfect brush for your needs.
          • The Natural Aftershave Solution: Comfort your skin after shaving with the Aftershave Serum, uses natural ingredients like sweet almond oil for hydration and aims to soothe irritation and promote a healthy glow.

          The Aftershave Rub contains shea butter and grapeseed oil for deep hydration and touts its ability to leave skin feeling smooth. Both focus on natural ingredients and post-shave comfort.

          Join the Sustainable Shave Revolution!

          Switching to zero-waste shaving is a simple yet impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint. Every disposable razor you forgo is a victory for the planet. SWOP is here to support your journey with high-quality, sustainable shaving products. Browse our collection, find your perfect safety razor, and enjoy the satisfaction of a clean shave with a clear conscience.

          Remember, sustainability is a continuous journey. By making small changes, like switching to zero-waste shaving, we can collectively make a big difference. Start your journey with SWOP today!



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