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Stainless Steel Straws Bent - Set of 3

Stainless Steel Straws Bent - Set of 3

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These stainless steel straws with shiny appearance and uniqueness will elegance to your dining table, making it the center of attraction every time you have guests over.

These straws are designed to last a lifetime. Quite simply, they are the best stainless steel reusable straws you can buy.

Easily to clean and dishwasher safe

Use our reusable drinking straws are the first step to reducing the amount of plastic.


Handle any drink on the go

Comes with 1 straight metal straw(diameter of 1/4''), 1 bent metal straw (diameter of 1/4''), 1 extra wide boba metal straw(diameter of 1/2''), 1 cleaning brush, carrying pouch, perfect for any thick and thin drinks like cocktail, coffee, soda, juices milkshakes, smoothies and boba tea.

Package included:

  1. 1 pcs straight stainless steel straw
  2. 1 pcs bent stainless steel straw
  3. 1 pcs boba metal straw
  4. 1 pcs straw brush
  5. 1 pcs straws travel bag


      • Washing these reusable straws in hot water before first use.
      • Adult supervision is required when used by children under 12 years old.
      • Don't use it in moving car.

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