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Mediterranean Olive Wood Multi-Purpose Bowl

Mediterranean Olive Wood Multi-Purpose Bowl

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Choixe's multi-purpose bowl is made of authentic olive wood from the Mediterranean. The stunning natural patterning of olive wood and its elongated/wavy shape makes a stunning and unique multi-functional bowl that can serve as a snack, salsa bowl, jewelry dish, or just as a dazzling accessory to add uniqueness to your favorite space at home.

Beautiful craftsmanship and long-lasting durability for generations.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Our highly skilled artisans hand-pick each piece of wood and carefully carve it into these elongated wavy-shaped, eye-catching, and functional bowls.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. This bowl can serve as kitchenware, snack or salsa bowl, jewelry dish, or an accessory to decorate your favorite space at home.

HIGH-QUALITY. Stylish, functional, and timeless home accessory with a fine regard for detail.

Each piece crafted of this extremely hard and durable wood is shaped and sanded, then polished with olive oil to moisturize the surface and bring out the beautiful color and grain pattern.

UNIQUENESS. Due to this product's natural material and handcrafted nature, no pieces are exactly alike. Natural variations in wood's color and grain pattern make each piece unique.

SUSTAINABLE. Our olive wood products are crafted in a family-owned woodshop using only sustainably sourced wood from olive trees that no longer bear fruit.


Directions: Hand-wash and dry thoroughly. Do not soak. Periodically oil with food-safe mineral oil.

Dimensions: 8.8in x 3.7in x 1.8in

Weight: 7.5oz.

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