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Hair Brush Cleaner

Hair Brush Cleaner

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Remove built-up product and debris from bristles easily with this hair brush cleaner. Crafted from durable, beechwood, it features flexible bristled claws that penetrate tight bristles to lift away dirt, oil and debris.

The lightweight ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip for thorough cleaning. Gently massage the brush teeth against the brush to dislodge stubborn stains without damaging delicate bristles.

Not only does this beechwood brush cleaner remove hair and product buildup, but it can also be used to lift stuck-on foods from kitchen brush bristles.

  • 1 Hair Brush Cleaner
  • beechwood-based: beechwood can withstand regular use without breaking down over time.
  • stainless steel rake: bristled teeth are specially designed to penetrate tightly packed brush bristles for thorough cleaning
  • deep cleaning: removes embedded hair and debris that standard washing may miss
  • prolong usability: reduces need to replace brushes frequently from lack of thorough cleaning
  • wet the brush under water and hold it firmly
  • run the hair brush cleaner through the bristles with a twisting motion
  • rinse the cleaner and allow the brush to dry completely
Care Tips 
  • rinse after each use to remove trapped hair and oils
  • stand upright or hang to dry fully between cleanings
  • wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to keep bristles flexible
  • check your city's waste management info before disposal
  • beechwood can be classified as recyclable or garbage depending on cities' recycling capabilities
  • if unsure, always consider composting in your backyard before throwing it away
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