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Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Refills

Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Refills

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These blade refills fit perfectly with our Double Edge Safety Razors, making it low waste and eco-friendly. These blades will give you a clean and perfect smooth shave when paired with our safety razors!

With balanced ergonomics and ultra-gentle glide, our unique razors provide the closest cut to your skin, removing all hairs without a single irritation! It reduces the risk of razor burns, pesky ingrown hairs and shaving rashes for the most sensitive areas of skin.


  • recyclable box
  • 5 blades in each box


      • cost-effective and rust-free: save money by only replacing the double edge blades, lasting the handle a lifetime
      • environmentally friendly: no need to buy a single-use disposable razor every again! PLUS when you're finished with the blade, it's 100% recyclable
      • superior, ultra-gentle shave: it provides the closest cut to your skin, removing all hairs, even in the most sensitive areas without a single irritation
      • travel friendly: whether you're going on the road, having a sleepover, or going on a vacay, your zero waste safety razor can go with you wherever you go


        changing razor blades from your reusable razor

        step 1. take hold of the head of the razor using a towel at the side tabs using your forefinger and thumb.

        step 2. now, twist the handle of the razor, loosening it from the head.

        step 3. when the handle has fully disconnected with the razor, lift up the numbered base plate and you'll be left with the top cap and a blade.

        step 4. you can now remove the blade from the top cap of the razor by picking it up by the side tabs. Only handle the blade from the top and the bottom tabs, not from the exposed blade edges. Even if the blade has become dull, it is still sharp.

        *Life span will vary based on the frequency of use, storage conditions, handling, etc.

        Care Tips 

        1. clean your razor after every use with warm water then dry off with a wipe
        2. store it in a dry place, away from moisture
        3. avoid leaving it in the shower or tub

        *switch a blade every 5-8 uses. life span will vary based on the frequency of use, storage conditions, handling, etc*


        • once your blade becomes dull, you can recycle them
        • pharmacies and local drug stores will often provide sharps containers upon request for the used blades. or you can bring used blades to your local scrap metal recycling for safe disposal
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